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WHAT TO BRING LIST - This will serve as a checklist for new campers.  These are suggestions from experienced campers. 

        Warm bedding sleeping bags (or bed linens); pillows.  You may wish to bring one mattress pad or double-bed sheet.  Sleeping bags with a slick finish are NOT recommended for top bunks.

        Towels hand, shower, beach, washcloths 

        Toilet articles

        Serviceable clothing suitable for camping; layering is best

        Flashlights one for each person; extra batteries

        Nightlight for your cabin battery-operated


        Musical instruments


        Mosquito repellent


        Thongs or water shoes for showers

        Bag or basket to transport shower items

        Battery powered lamp or lantern for after light-out

        Extension cord, in case you need it

        Paper towel roll a million uses

        Old throw rugs (small)

        Ice is available at camp store, if you bring an ice chest for drinks

        Laundry bag + plastic bag for wet clothing; soap is provided.

        Extra batteries for anything you will need

        Scissors good to have

        Clock battery or wind-up clock

        Porta-potty or bucket for night (camp is dark at night)

        Clothesline to tie around trees (and clothespins)

        Camp chairs for outside cabin or at the lake or beach

        Tissues and Wet-Ones

        Lock for cabin

        A few hangers

        Old slippers for in the cabin

        Fanny packs or backpacks

        Special games your family likes to play

        Medications prescription and otherwise

        Hiking boots or suitable, sturdy shoes

        Chapsticks lots; hand lotion


        Auction items for Saturday night auctions no white elephants!

        Rain jackets and/or umbrellas, just in case!

        Ziploc bags of various sizes can be useful

        Hats and visors



Fly swatters
Clothes hangers
Mattress covers
Auction donations


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